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Food Banks: South East Map 2013

By SamPayne  |  Posted: December 17, 2013

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More than 8,550 people have sought help from food banks in Kent in nine months of this year alone.

Green Party MEP for the South East, Keith Mr Taylor, is calling for the Government to act and stop ignoring the issue.

In his report 'Hungry Christmas' it reveals that food bank use in his constituency is up over 60 per cent this year and that thousands of families will face relying on emergency food handouts this Christmas, which he describes as a 'national disgrace'.

Mr Taylor said: "The Government must release their report on food banks as soon as possible. It’s clear that we have a desperate situation in this country that needs addressing yet the Government seem to want to avoid changing direction."

There are now six food banks in Kent - two of which are still being developed in Folkestone and Swanley.

A parliamentary debate will be held on food banks on Thursday.

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Source: Trussell Trust

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  • Kent_Resident  |  December 18 2013, 6:49PM

    There are more than 6 Food Banks in Kent. They have missed off the Margate one. That map above doesn't move to show where they all are. It is such a shame the Government is so slow to act, but in fairness this is what they want to happen as they are the ones that are making people's lives miserable. While they lard it up with big bonuses and wage increases the rest of us, working or not, are having cuts forced on us. It's easy to say 'get a better job' but just try and get a better paid job, you are lucky to have the one you've got these days. Many of these people are elderly and disabled. Iv'e seen the people using our Food Bank and none of them are wasting money on smoking, drinking and playing the lottery that's for sure. They are all desperate. Shame on this Government for allowing this.

  • JasonSpinach  |  December 18 2013, 11:18AM

    So people need to look for food handouts because they are not getting enough cash handouts to keep them in the manor to which they are accustomed? I've some advice for you people: Stop smoking, stop drinking, stop playing the lottery, cancel the Sky subscription and, dare I say it, get a job. If you've already got a job and don't have enough cash then get a better one or a second one. Take responsibility for yourself and your family and stop sponging from those of us that do.

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