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  • Profile image for jayling
    jayling  |  Saturday, May 05 2012, 7:25PM  |  Report
    local gem

    This specialist shop is excellent and the best place to find knitting materials in Medway.

  • Profile image for kent_girl
    kent_girl  |  Monday, April 23 2012, 12:18PM  |  Report
    a one stop shop

    Recently i have taken up a new hobby - cross stitch. I found there was a huge selection in here and was pleased that i could find one for my level of ability (ie amateur!!) I also saw one where i think i can turn a photograph into a cross stitch!? amazing! I'll definitely be working my way towards that as i get better. This shop also has a big range of material upstairs for the dress maker or sewer, and every colour wool under the sun if youre into knitting! I actually ended up buying some really luxurious buttons to put on my blazer to jazz it up for evening wear. I came all the way from strood but definitely worth a visit! the prices are so much more reasonable than elsewhere in medway!

  • Profile image for indi123anna
    indi123anna  |  Sunday, March 18 2012, 11:54AM  |  Report

    a large selection of fabric buttons wool and patterns galore hand knitted baby wear also dolls ready dressed mittens scarfes and much much more also helpfull service with a smile